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It's never to late to start

Adult swimming

Swimming in your adult years is great for your overall fitness & health.  It also opens up opportunities to join in with kids & friends with social activities - playing at the beach, kayaking, family holidays & social gatherings.  But where do you start if you are frightened or simply never swum before?

Our adult beginner classes are perfect place.  Even though it is a group class, we work at your pace.  We break everything down so there is no pressure & no fright, working at your pace.  You'll be amazed how quickly we can get you from being a nervous adult or someone with no experience to feeling like you can achieve anything.  

Don't sit on the edge any longer.  Call us today.

Adult beginners

Maximum 6 students

30 minute 

$15 if you have a child enrolled in lessons at our facility otherwise


Various days & times to accommodate your work or family life & if you can't attend, simply mark absent at least 1 hour before your class to be allocated a makeup.

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