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Time to play

Aquatic playgroup

3 months - 5 years

FREE for babies & preschoolers enrolled in our swimming lessons as well as 

other families not enrolled at our Centre.  Adults are FREE too!

Upcoming sessions:Stay tuned for more dates in June

These unstructured play time sessions in the pool are a great opportunity for you to introduce your child to the pool or give them an opportunity to play and boost the skills they are developing in swimming lessons.  Come along and meet other mums or organise a group of friends to come.  Places are limited each session so bookings are recommended.  Any unbooked spaces can be filled by those turning up on the day.

To ensure we maintain the highest standard of water quality & sanitation, all swimmers under 3 years of age must wear the Little Toggs reusable 'happy nappy' regardless of toileting ability.  This is the only style or brand permitted as we have found it to be the most reliable.

turtle transparent.png

Little Toggs 'Happy Nappy"

The Little Toggs 'happy nappy' re-usable swim nappy can be purchased in Centre for $28 or purchased online.  They must fit securely around the waist & legs.  They are an eco-friendly option that can be used over & over.  Simply throw them in the washing machine or hang them out to dry after each use.

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