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So many choices

Aquatic activities

Not everybody wants to swim! That's why we offer a variety of aquatic activities for all fitness levels & interests.   Whether it's walking up & down for fitness, exercising as part of a personal rehabilitation program, aerobics or volleyball.   We cater for new mums in our Physio led post natal aqua aerobics classes so you can bring your bubs along who will be entertained by one of our volunteer 'baby cuddlers' so that you can exercise without having to leave them.  And if you are looking for that extra something to stimulate your child, we have aquatic playgroup catering for 3 months - 5years.  So give us a call and book a spot in your aquatic activity today.

Walking & rehabilitation


These self led sessions give you a chance to exercise in the comfort of our heated pool at your pace.  Feel free to use our noodles & aqua discs to boost your resistance as you move about the pool.  

Please note that as our desk is unmanned at times, walkers should call prior to when you wish to first attend so we can chat with you about how to get in/out of the pool & set up your payment.  


Walking sessions cost:

10 session pass : $50 cash/ $55 eftpos

(12 week expiry)

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