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All ages, all abilities

Swimming lessons

'where champions learn to swim'

The SuperKids Aquatic curriculum ensures your child learns fundamental water safety & swimming skills in a nurturing & reassuring environment.  We understand that some children a born 'mermaids' and others are actually very frightened.  It doesn't matter where your child fits in, we build their trust and know exactly when to be comforting or when we need to extend them.  No matter where your child starts in our program, we aim to help them become a strong, confident person in the water & equip them with swimming & safety skills to keep them safe in & around water.


Children progress faster with consistency & regular attendance which is why our swimming lessons are a perpetual program.   We offer unlimited makeups which gives you greater flexibility with illness or school commitments.

'small class sizes so we can provide individual attention'

Parent & baby classes

Maximum 6 per class

Baby swim        4 - 10 months

Aqua babies 1  10 - 18 months

Aqua babies 2  18 months - 2.5 years

Seahorse mini    2.5 years - 4.5 years (transition class)

$22.50 per 30 minute class

Baby in car float.png

Our parent & baby classes follow a structured program but are delivered in a fun & engaging way to keep your little one entertained.  By grouping the children in these age groups, we can match children's land development with swimming skills for faster progression.  Instructors in our parent & baby classes hold an additional teaching qualification to help them understand your babies needs. Our instructors will guide you how to hold & move your child so they can develop independent swimming skills.

All swimmers in a parent & baby class, regardless of toileting ability must wear a Little Toggs reusable 'happy nappy' as we have found, when fitted correctly are the most reliable.  Other brands or styles of swim nappies are not permitted. Swimwear with legs cannot be worn over the happy nappy.

Learn to swim

Preschoolers from 3 years +

3 or 4 students depending on the level


School aged from 4 years +

From 4 students per class

$22.50 per 30 minute class


Our learn to swim classes have a progressive teaching method which means we build your Childs swimming skills, not just try to cover everything in each lesson.  Each level has set skills for your child to achieve & master in order for them to develop into efficient safe swimmers.  Our Instructors will teach your child in a fun & engaging way focusing on skill technique but also ensuring they understand important water safety messages.

All swimmers in our learn to swim classes must wear a swim cap, regardless of the amount of hair they have.  This helps keep our water crystal clear but also stops swimmers wiping wet hair away from their faces.  Even short fringes become long when wet!

Private lessons

1:1 lessons

Suitable for all ages

$65 per 30 minute class

We offer private lessons for any reason at our Centre.  Some customers use the one on one time to give their child a boost to their regular classes, other's use them to give their child more individualised attention where they may be anxious or had a previous fright in the water.  Others just simply don't want group lessons.  What every your reason, contact us today to schedule a day & time for your private lesson. Choose to do one or choose to more, let us know and we will accommodate you.

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