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Every body with every ability

Autism Swimming lessons

At SuperKids Aquatic, we believe every child with every ability should be able to develop water safety skills & independence in the water.  We want all children to love the water, no matter what challenges & difficulties they may face.  Our Autism swimming program allows us to provide specialist instruction to swimmers on the spectrum to help them achieve goals in swimming, socialisation in the water & water safety skills, just like everybody else.

By partnering with Autism Swim Australia, a nationally recognised organisation, our Instructors receive the most up to date information & resources to equip them with the skills required to teach Autistic children.  Our lessons are fun, engaging & adaptive, allowing us to make changes within a lesson based on how the individual is feeling, which we know can change in an instant.

What do we offer?

'We will ask you a number of questions so we can better understand your child'

After speaking with you, we will develop a suitable teaching plan for your child that is flexible because we understand this plan is likely to change depending on how your swimmer feels each session.

We can offer:

Private 1:1 lessons - $65 per lesson.

These are suited to children who would not cope in a group environment.  Private lessons are scheduled between midday - 1pm, 2-3pm or 6-7pm weekdays & run for 30 minutes.  These can be booked in any number of lessons to suit your budget.  For example, you may only book a week, a fortnight or even a month at a time.  We hold that timelsot for you for the number of weeks booked.

Group lessons with non-autistic children - $22.50 per lesson (plus 2 lesson bond)

We have successfully worked with a number of Autistic children in regular swim classes, making small adaptions to the running of the lesson to accommodate your child's thought, development & behavioural processes.  These are 30 minute lessons booked as an ongoing enrolment which is paid upfront monthly or fortnight direct debit.  Some children may have started in private lessons but after working with them for a period of time, we know they can transition into a group class.

Group lessons with other autistic children - $22.50 per lesson (plus 2 lesson bond)

These lessons work well for Autistic children that struggle with following a set format and have loads of energy.  Our instructors can be more flexible adapting the classes to suit the focus of the children at any one time.  These classes are still focusing on skill development but in a more playful way.  These 30 minute lessons run towards the end of day, from 5.30pm on select weekdays.


If you are able to claim your swimming lessons through NDIS, you must first book & pay for your lessons then claim your payment back directly with NDIS.  Unfortunately we are unable to deal with NDIS on your behalf.

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SOCIAL SWIMS - coming soon

Social swims will provide an opportunity for Autistic children to swim & play in the water with other autistic children whilst supervised by qualified swimming instructors.  This unstructured play time is suitable for children who have never done lessons, or may already have some water familiarisation.  


Children will be placed in small groups depending on their previous exposure to water & age.  Please email us your interest for the next social swims session.

These sessions cost $22.50 per child for 30 minutes.

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