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Everybody, every ability

Adaptive aquatics


At SuperKids Aquatic, we understand that group classes are not suited to everyone however every person should have the opportunity to develop water safety & swimming skills. Our adaptive aquatics program means your child will be given the same opportunities in a caring, engaging & nurturing environment.

Our adaptive aquatics programs is tailored for your child. Our facility is smaller & quieter with fewer noises & distractions.  We will work with you to understand the best learning practices for your child and help them reach their full aquatic potential.  

'everyone has the potential to be a superhero'

 Adaptive aquatics

1:1 lessons

Suitable for all ages

We want your child to develop aquatic skills & be safer around water because many children with special abilities are naturally drawn to water, often more so than others.  Our adaptive aquatics classes have purpose.  We focus on individualised attention for your child and what we can do to help them achieve skills based on their individual circumstances, rather than trying to mould them into a set standard of teaching.  Our patient and nurturing instructors know when to provide assurance and when to allow your child time.  We encourage you to enrol your child and experience the difference of adaptive aquatics at SuperKids Aquatic.

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