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We understand you may have a lot of questions so here are some of the most frequently asked questions & answers to help you decide if SuperKids Aquatic is right for your family.  If you still need more information or can't find the answer you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us.

  • Do I have to wait for a new term before I can start?
    No. We run a continuous program which means you can start lessons at any time of the year.
  • Do I still have to pay if I miss a lesson?
    Yes. Your fees are calculated based on the number of weeks in the month not how many times you actually attend. If you miss a lesson, you may be entitled to a makeup so that you can use your lesson on another day. (refer to our makeup policy)
  • Do you offer makeup lessons?
    Yes. We currently offer unlimited makeups with the following conditions: - You are booked in to a group lesson and - You used the customer portal to advise us of your absence and - You notified us at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled class. You will not be provided a makeup if: - You did not use the customer portal to advise us and/or - You did not give more than 2 hours notice and/or - You have any outstanding fees Customers enrolled in 1:1 classes will be offered a makeup with the following conditions: - You used the customer portal to advise us of your absence and - You notified us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled class.
  • How long do I get to use my makeups?
    You have 70 days to use your makeup from the date of the missed lesson, otherwise it will be forfeited. Makeups can only be booked by logging in to the customer portal. Only classes in the appropriate level with vacancies will be displayed & can be selected. Makeups can only be booked if spaces permit so it is important all customers notify us of absences to allow others to book makeups. Once booked, makeups cannot be rescheduled and will be forfeited if you do not attend. Medical certificates cannot be used to cover missed makeups. Refunds or credits will not be offered if makeup cannot be used or spaces are not available.
  • I need to stop lessons. Can I have a refund?
    No. Your child will remain booked in for the duration of the period paid and then removed. Any unattended lessons cannot be refunded, credited or transferred to another student.
  • How much notice do I need to give to cancel lessons?
    If you pay using the upfront monthly fees, invoices are sent on the 20th of the current month. If you wish to cancel, you need to notify us prior to the 20th of the month. If you do, you wont be invoiced for the new month and your 2 lesson bond will be used to cover you last 2 lessons. If you pay using fortnightly direct debit, you need to notify us 2 weeks PRIOR to the next scheduled payment. If you do, that next payment will not be processed and your 2 lesson bond will cover your last 2 lessons. If your next payment is within 2 weeks, that payment will still be processed. Your 2 lesson bond will cover the final 2 weeks after that.
  • What is the 2 lesson bond for?
    All customers, regardless of the payment method, must pay a 2 lesson bond per student at the time of enrolling. This is held as security to ensure customers provide suficient notice when cancelling or to cover any outstanding fees customers may have & don't pay. The bond is non-refundable but is used to cover your last 2 lessons where it has not been used in part or full to cover outstanding fees.
  • How do I notify you I want to cancel lessons?
    Please send us an email and we will forward you a 'notice to cancel' swimming lessons. This form must be received by us prior to the 20th of the current month if you are on monthly payments or 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled direct debit to ensure no further lesson fees need to be paid.
  • Can I suspend my lessons?
    Yes. We will suspend your lessons provided you have: - Completed a 'lesson suspension notification' and returned this to us and - This form is received 2 weeks prior to your next payment on direct debit or prior to the 20th of the month if paying monthly and - Your suspension is for a period greater than 3 weeks. During your suspension, your child will be removed the booking as we do not hold their spot in the class. You will need to contact us prior to when you wish to restart so that we can rebook your child in. Please remember that the same day/time/Instructor may not be available when you rebook.
  • Why does my child have to wear a swim cap?
    Babies & toddlers in parent & baby classes do not have to wear a swim cap however some parents choose to do this which is fine. Adults in parent & baby classes do not have to wear a swim cap but must have long hair tied up above the water line. All swimmers in 'teacher only' classes must wear a swim cap, regardless of how much or how little hair they have. This includes adults enrolled in swimming lessons. Swim caps helps keep our water and filters clean ensuring your child is swimming in healthier water. It also stops hair washing across the face & eyes which is a distraction for swimmers. Swim caps means children can focus on swimming with hair across their face.
  • Does my child need to wear a swim nappy when they are toilet trained?
    Yes if they are under 3. All children enrolled in a parent & baby class, regardless of toileting ability, must wear a Little Toggs reusable 'happy nappy'. This is the only style & brand of swim nappy permitted as when fitted correctly, they are the most reliable. Preschoolers in teacher only classes not yet fully toilet trained must wear a swim nappy under their swimming costume.
  • I have another style of swim nappy. Can I use that for my child?
    No. The only swim nappy permited is the Little Toggs 'happy nappy'. These have a large band around the waist & legs making them more reliable when fitted properly. Customers may choose to wear a disposable swim nappy under the 'happy nappy' however this isn't required. Unfortunately if swimmers have the incorrect nappy on during the lesson they will need to hop out and change into the correct nappy. 'Happy nappy's can be purchased from us or online direct from Little Toggs. Please ensure you purchase your nappy PRIOR to your first lesson day as we do not always have a team member on the desk during lesson time.
  • Does my child get certificates?
    Yes. When your child passes a level, they will receive a level completion certificate listing the skills of the level. They will also get to ring our 'champions bell' which is exclusively for swimmers moving up. Children will also receive a progress report at various stages to show what skills they are acheiving within their current level.
  • When will by child be assessed?
    We have 2 assessment methods as follows: 1. Approximately every 10 weeks, we have an assesment week where a whole class is assessed. Those ready to move up will receive a level completion certificate and move classes. Those not ready to move will receive a progress certificate showing the skills they can do & outlining what else needs to be worked on. Swimmers who are absent on assessment weeks will be assessed at the next assessment week or when the instructor advised the Deck Supervisor the swimmer is ready to be assessed. 2. The Instructor recognises the swimmer has been consistently performing all the skills in the level over a number of weeks & is ready to move up. The individual swimmer will be assesed, even if it isn't an assessment week.
  • Do you offer a trial lesson?
    Yes. If you would like to join a lesson for a single week before deciding to enrol, simply book and pay for the cost of a single lesson. Please note that once booked, trial lessons cannot be rescheduled and a refund or credit is not offered for non attendance.
  • What happens if my direct debit is declined?
    You will be contacted by one of our team members requesting payment for the failed amount. You will be charged a $10 administration fee for each failed payment. We ask you to finalise outstanding amounts as quickly to ensure your child can participate in their scheduled lesson. The direct debit company will also charge you fees associated with your failed payment that forms part of your contract with them. Any disputes or queries regarding these fees should be directed to the direct debit provider.
  • Can my child swim if I have outstanding fees?
    No. Unfortunately if your direct debit has declined and we haven't received your payment, your child will be unable to swim. If you haven't paid your monthly invoice by the 30th of the current month, your child will not be permitted to swim once the new month starts until payment is received. Please remember that we do not hold spots for swimmers with outstanding fees & you may be required to book a new timeslot where fees are not paid promptly.
  • Can my child wear any swim nappy for playgroup?
    No. All swimmers who attend our playgroup sessions who are under 3 years old must wear the Little Toggs 'happy nappy'. This is the only brand/style of swim nappy permitted. It can be purchased directly from us or online from Little Toggs.
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